Fee For Service

You can now complete the following courses with Foundation Training Australia
at a nominal cost under our fee for service model.

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What is Fee For Service?

FTA Fee For Service (FFS) qualifications allow Learners study flexibly, allowing the participant to choose the delivery model that best suits yours or your business’ requirements. With options for online training courses, workbook and portfolio submissions, or a combination. Fee For Service qualifications are delivered on a self-paced basis, allowing Learners to choose a timeframe that best fits in with the constraints of their personal and working life.

Pursue your career ambitions with a qualification that provides you with the
skills, knowledge and experience to perform in your industry.
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You can now complete the following courses with Foundation Training Australia under the Fee For Service model:

Eligible Programs

Our Individual Learners

In accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, the maximum amount of fees that may be collected in advance from an individual learner is $1500 followed by a payment plan over the remaining 4 months.

FTA Individual payment plans will enable you to:

  • Pay your fees off over a period of months
  • Pay in monthly instalments
  • Pay no interest or additional charges
  • Pay by direct debit

If you have requested a payment plan, you are expected to make direct deposits of the agreed amount at the agreed intervals. Any Learner who is in default of fees for more than 60 days may have their enrolment or course suspended until payments resume. We strive to make training affordable and stress free for all Learners, so if you are experiencing difficulty please contact FTA as soon as possible.

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Our Business or Corporate Clients

FTA business clients are offered flexible training that can be a blend of accredited and non-accredited programs and delivered in the format and method that aligns with the business goals and strategic training plan.  Our business development team will work with you to understand what you need, what gaps you need filled and most importantly ensure your ROI is achieved.


You should read the refund policy before you commit to enrolment. For a full copy of the refund policy please refer to the Foundation Training Australia Learner Handbook.