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User Choice Program | FTA

User Choice Program

This program aims to provide funding contributions towards the cost of training and assessment for eligible apprentices and trainees in Queensland.

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How does the User Choice Program work?

The program provides the flexibility for apprentices, trainees and their employers to select a preferred Registered Training Organisation (RTO) from a list of pre-qualified suppliers for the delivery of nationally recognised, accredited training to meet their specific needs. The program works in conjunction with the Commonwealth Australian Apprenticeships System, under which apprentices and trainees (also known in some jurisdictions as “Australian Apprentices”) enter into legally binding training contracts with their employers and receive structured training to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

QTIS provides comprehensive information on all
apprenticeships and traineeships that are approved
in Queensland, including the priority level and
government contribution.


To be eligible to receive a Government Contribution, the Apprentice or Trainee must have entered into a Training Contract for a qualification that is funded by the Department, be registered on DELTA with a commencement date or recommencement date on or after 1 July 2010, and select a training provider who holds Skills Assure Supplier for their nominated qualification.

The Government Contribution for a User Choice funding contribution will be detailed in the Apprentice or Trainee’s Letter of Registration from the Department, and is subject to student eligibility and their selection of an eligible Skills Assure Supplier as their SAS.
User Choice funding is available to new workers who are employed as Apprentices or Trainees.

New Workers are defined as:

  • Worked no more than 3 months full-time for the employer identified in the training contract;

Employees who are classed as “Existing Workers” may still be eligible for funding providing they are undertaking a Priority Qualification. Please contact us for more information.

Existing Workers are defined as:

  • Worked 3 months full-time for the employer identified in the training contract; OR
  • Worked 12 months part-time or casual for the employer identified in the Training Contract and as defined in the Department’s Existing Workers in Apprenticeships and Traineeships Policy.

Types of workers*

  • Full-time employees – working on average 38 hours per week
  • Part time Employees – working on permanent employment for less than the average weekly hours (i.e. less than 38 hours per week)
    Casual Employees – working on a casual basis however are able to provide documentary evidence they consistently work a minimum of 20 hours per week
    For any other employment arrangements please contact us for more information.*As defined in the Department’s Declaration of Apprenticeships and Traineeships policy.

Student Contribution Fees

Student Contribution Fees under the User Choice program are calculated at $1.60 per nominal hour for each Unit of Competency/Module and are calculated at the commencement of the Unit of Competency/Module.


Students who meet the following criteria will be charged only 40% of the student contribution fee:

  • The Participant was or will be under 17 at the end of February in the year in which the PQS provides training, and the Participant is not at school and has not completed year 12;
  • The Participant holds a health care card or pensioner card issued under Commonwealth law, or is the partner or a dependant of a person who holds a health care card or pensioner concession card, and is named on the card;
  • The Participant issues the PQS with an official form under Commonwealth law confirming that the Participant, his or her partner or the person of whom the Participant is a dependant, is entitled to concessions under a health care card or pensioner concession card; or
  • The Participant is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person.

Refund Policy

For our refund policy, please refer to our Learner Handbook for more information.

How Do I Get Started Under the User Choice Program?

Are you ready to start an apprenticeship or traineeship? You must first be employed on either a full-time or part-time basis in a workplace relevant to the industry qualification. FTA can assist you in finding a placement with an employer to start your training and gain your trade qualification. Click here to find out more.

For employers looking to upskill your workforce, contact FTA to discuss your specific requirements and desired outcomes. We can also put you in touch with prospective apprentices or trainees currently looking for placement. Click here to find out more.