Enriching lives through education

This is our core purpose and everything we do must align with this – our “why”

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We are on a mission to enrich lives through education.

Let’s get real here, everyone wants to be confident and competent at what they do; and are committed to ‘doing their job right’ each and every day. Because who goes to work to stuff up – right?

This is what Enriching lives through Education is about; it’s about you, the individual, and the positive impact education will have on you, your immediate family and work. A better you makes a better life!

We are bloody good at training and care about investing in people and make no excuses for providing a no BS approach. As an Australian-owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 31972) we offer high-quality industry courses across Australia by working to our purpose each and every day!

So, get on board and you too can achieve great things!

If you’d like to read more on where it all started, check-out our story here.

Meet The Team


Heather Gardner

Heather has been in the construction industry for over 30 years which means she is super passionate about everything within it, most of all a no bullshit practical outcome driven result for our clients.  True to her commitment she decided that training needed to be way better, so she bought a business.  She is 100% dedicated to finding new and better ways for clients and FTA to stand out and be the best in knowledge and education.

Heather inspires us to think differently to create the best experience for everyone.  She is forever asking ‘can we do that better – what is the impact on our clients’ and she certainly doesn’t back down from challenging the status quo.

Otherwise: When it comes to down time, she loves getting out of the city nearly every weekend, into the simple things in life at her farm.  Spending time with family and grandkids (and the cows, who are technically family too!) and climbing the odd mountain here and there keeps her firmly grounded.  Oh! Not to mention she keeps us supplied in farm grown avocado’s and the best honey you could eat!


Joanne Brooks

Joanne has over 30 years in the education and finance sector, during which she has never tired of the thrill of watching the “light bulb” moment in students’ eyes. Her approach is that FTA don’t deliver education services, “we enable student goals to be achieved- get that promotion, go for that tender, build the business – that’s what gives me goose bumps!” It’s this passion for education and business that drives her each and every day.

Joanne is our Oprah, and inspires us to be the best in the game every single day, she cuts no corners when it comes to ensuring quality in all things we do.

Otherwise: When Joanne takes a break from us, she enjoys spending time with her family and is 100% a dog person. Her dogs are even trending on Instagram, yep they have more followers than you.

Trainer Assessor

Grant Rangi

Grant is our Mega Rock Star Trainer.  He embodies our belief of lifelong learning with a massive 18meg file for his qualifications and that’s compressed!

Grant is an industry expert who shares his knowledge, wisdom, and experiences readily and freely with not only his students but with management on sites.   He is our go-to expert in everything about the VET sector.

Otherwise: In his downtime he enjoys time with his huge family and friends.

Business Development Manager

Emily O’Regan

At the core, I am a Business Owner, Professional Consultant and National Sales Manager. My experience extends across multiple industries and ranges from start-up companies to refining sales, marketing and training channels of national organisations.

I opened my first business when I was 21 years old, which grew into WA, VIC and QLD within the first 2 years. I have coached thousands of team members, many developing into Team Leaders and Managers over their career.

My skill is in identifying the ‘What, Why and How’ for people. Education can create an opportunity to change for the better – to grow and evolve – this is why I love training and working with people to achieve their goals. From an individual student with career goals, to a Company with expansion plans, I have the experience and drive to make it happen.


  • Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB51915)
  • Diploma of Business (BSB50215)
  • Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415)
  • Diploma of Interior Design
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment (TAE40110)
  • BSB40615 Certificate IV Business Sales (BSB40607)

I believe that education is a pathway to making your goals a reality. The right training can break down barriers and help to develop the confidence and ability to reach your full potential.” – Emily O’Regan



Tammie Mason

Not afraid of challenge, Tammie is a pro when it comes to all things customer service and delivering results. With over 14-yrs experience in the airline, hospitality and medical industries she brings a diverse bag of tricks from a life well-travelled. Her motto for her customers is “if you’re not happy, she’s not happy”, so you’re guaranteed a job well done each and every time.

Confession: When Tammie isn’t hanging out with her German Shepherd pup, Murphy. She is venturing around the country side seeking out the best mountain views, prettiest sunsets, best wineries or piece of cheese! 

Business Developer Manager

Salvatore Contarino

Although only relatively new to the education industry, my passion is grounded in a robust mission to make a difference. The culture and mission of FTA provides me the privilege to engage with individuals to seek and deliver ideal outcomes for their career advancement.

My “WHY” reflects a deep desire and determination to impact lives in the most positive way possible. To know that I can influence someone’s life and see them progress and benefit from my advice and support, is the most satisfying achievement I can ask for.

This is the heart and soul of who I am that fuels my motivation. Working with learners at our Success Connect Program, helping them find employment, and enriching their lives as a result, is a totally rewarding experience. I look forward to helping many more people embark on a journey with FTA, to enhance their lives for the better.


  • Queensland Certificate of Education
  • Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICA10111)
  • Certificate II in Tourism (SIT20112)

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X



Nicole Ashton-Brooks

Nic is our Marketing Queen (Said: QA-WEEENN), she makes us look good and keeps us on trend when it comes to all things online and social.

Nic is always hard at work to create the best ads, and doesn’t shy away from posting a good meme to get our students engaging and having a laugh.

Confession: Nic is our spiritual guide in the office. When she isn’t here drawing our destiny cards or acting as our in-house astrologer, she loves a good adventure to the local coffee shop or waterfall (maybe even both HA!)…or binging out on Netflix. Let’s be real, it’s all about balance. 🙏


Gareth Dawe

Gareth is a highly successful stonemason and builder of 20 years. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to site when working with our landscaping, tiling or building and construction students. Gareth is passionate about (and great at) tailoring the learning experience to suit each individual so they get the most out of their training.

Otherwise: Gareth spends his time on his farm with his family. Best of all, he has a tonne of hilarious stories to tell (our personal favourite is hearing the latest about the Alpacas!).



Tom Booth

Tom’s story is as interesting as he is skilled and experienced in civil construction. Having worked throughout the NT, SA and QLD his impressive career on construction sites and in carpentry is an asset to any student he works with. Passionate about learning and helping students really get what they are doing is, always his highlight.

 Otherwise: When he’s not training, Tom coaches senior AFL for the Maroochydore Roos, surfs and goes camping with his beautiful family!


Grant Mills

Grant, or Milsy as we call him, is a legendary concreter with a career spanning over 30 years. For Grant, the opportunity to positively shape and impact the future tradespeople is pivotal – and is the reason he began training in the first place.


John Scott


Nick Westwood

Nick is a pro-landscaper with other 30 years on the tools. Every student who gets to work with Nick knows he is absolutely passionate about landscaping and has a serious amount of knowledge to share. Nick is all about helping the next generation of landscapers to create a long and fulfilling career in the industry.

 Otherwise: While not training Nick enjoys spending time with his family and friends and travelling.

Trainer Assessor

Justin Doyle

Justin has gained a wealth of experience having worked for more than 25 years’ in the landscape, civil and training industries both in Australia and overseas.

From the outset, his level of commitment to producing a high-end service gained a reputation amongst his clients, landscape architects/designers and pool builders. This has led to his involvement in many notable projects, developments and displays in the Melbourne and South East Queensland landscape and garden scene.

He has been responsible for the design and construction of multiple high end residential projects, as well as the management and construction of commercial and urban developments.

Justin has managed the construction of multiple award winning projects in both Victoria and Queensland, with the pinnacle being the landscape of Riverlight Apartments in Noosa Heads, which was awarded LQI 2009 Landscape of the Year.

He also finds the time to give back to his community and the planet through education and mentorship. He hopes to reshape the world through the creation of sustainable neighbourhoods and more green space in urban environments.

Above all, Justin seeks to pass on his knowledge and experience and wants his students to achieve success to the best of their ability.


  • 25 years of Landscape/ Civil Industry Experience
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)


  • Certificate III in Parks and Gardens (AHC30910)
  • Certificate III in Landscape Construction (AHC31010)
  • Diploma in Landscape Design
  • Advanced Certificate in Horticulture
  • Post Graduate Degree in Urban and Regional Planning


  • Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing (CPC31411)


  • Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30813)
  • Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision (RII40713)


  • Certificate IV in Project Management (BSB41513)
  • Diploma in Project Management (BSB51415)
  • Diploma in Business Management (BSB50401)

“Education and knowledge is transformative.” – Unknown


Paul Jones

Paul has racked up over 40 years’ experience in construction. His passion and experience in painting and has seen him supervise multi-million dollar commercial projects and work on many residential jobs. He sees his role as a Trainer Assessor as a tool to help young people position themselves for success in the industry.


Andrew Albore

Helping and working with people is something that Andrew has done throughout his career and training is just one element of that. Andrew has lead a fulfilling, 15-year career, in painting and decorating and carpentry. He has great strength in working with students and a passion for the building industry.

Otherwise: When he’s not Training, you’ll either find Andrew surfing the waves, slopes (skiing) and even mountains (mountain bike riding) with his family, or he’ll be traveling overseas and brunching with friends and family.


George Frilingos


Craig Stuart


Ian Jackson

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