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Stand Out from the Crowd - Transform your life through education

Stand Out from the Crowd

We Stand Out from the Crowd by being bloody brilliant at training & by giving you the tools so you can build your future and stand out too.

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No Netflix. No Nonsense.

Now’s your time to show them all what you’re capable of.

Go from beginner to expert – there‘s no excuse now. You have the time and our trainers are fully committed to this new style of remote learning to ensure you can take this time to upskill and be the best you there is!

We are committed to doing things differently with a no bullshit policy.

Put yourself in the best position for the future, because when things eventually get back to normal (and they will), those who used their time at home to upskill now will be well ahead of the job-seeking pack in a few months time.

So, get on board and you too can achieve great things!

If you’d like to read more on where it all started, check-out our story here.

Why we we stand out


Respected industry leaders connecting via Phone / Face Time/ Zoom / WhatsApp.


Simulation programs / deep questioning / photos and videos for practical assessments


Construction & Business courses are online. Civil & Horticulture courses will be couriered or emailed.

Be the Dog’s Bollocks like Rodney & Be Awesome like Steve


Get hands-on skills digitally – new learning experiences


New enhanced courses for growing industries


Transform your life through education

Our Difference

We are the benchmark in education and training performance and we’re bloody good at it.

Learner Support

Ever started a course where you had no support? Our trainers have years of hands-on experience in their field, providing you with unparalleled access to first-hand industry knowledge & the support you need to start & finish your training with ease.

Limitless Learning

Have you ever hesitated when it comes to learning? So many people do. We believe that you should be able to learn in inspiring and innovative ways.  That’s why we tailor our training to suit how you learn best.

Skill Confidence

Be the one everyone knows will get the job done right. It is our mission to develop the complete professional: a workforce that is not only technically skilled but represents the next generation of leaders, today and tomorrow.

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Online and Action Ready!

Our capabilities have exploded during this time! Our trainers are fully committed to this new style of remote learning to ensure you can take this time to upskill and be the best you there is!
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