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Discover the do’s and don’ts when looking to bring on an Apprentice.

Employer Funding Available

Did you know, as an employer, there are various incentives that you may be eligible for?

The Queensland Government is backing industry by injecting funding into skilling the workforce of both, new and existing workers.  There are many types of incentives and assistance available to eligible Employers including the Apprentice Wage subsidy and Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme, among others.

Click here to view a breakdown of the incentives offered by the Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme.

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Are you ready to take the next step in onboarding an Apprentice? Or, maybe you’ve already got an Apprentice lined up! Enquire now to get your Apprentice off and running.

What other’s say about us

The input and support FTA provided for our business and our ever developing team is something that at first, I wasn't even aware, was out there! After having a few bad experiences through other training organisations in the past, I was taken aback by the willingness and flexibility of FTA to work around exactly what our business needed. - Chris Cuthbert, Complete Concrete and Coverings
I wanted to get Trade qualified quickly and loved that I could study at my own pace. My Trainer Andrew, was super helpful and great at getting back to me quickly (even in the first week of the New Year!). My advice to future students is to Just get in there and do it! Set a goal to keep motivated. - Elliot Tippett, Carpentry graduate (Apprenticeship)
I wanted to learn and experience a range of different skills to work out what I liked doing in a trade and to also improve the skills I have to get permanent work. I got great one on one mentoring and was introduced to an employer who offered me full time work as a carpenter apprentice.- Finn Russell, Success Connect Graduate
I am very excited for what great things will come since involving FTA in our business and I would certainly recommend their services to anyone in construction, or any industry deprived of professional training needs in the constantly changing world of today'- Chris Cuthbert, Complete Concrete and Coverings

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